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Printing Service Agreement

Printing Rules and Conditions

The subject of this agreement is to determine the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the Printing Rules and Conditions Agreement.

In the implementation and interpretation of the contract, the terms written below will express the written explanations opposite them.

1.1 Definition of Organized Printing House (Bulk Printing Operations)

Printing service is the process of collecting multiple jobs in the same category and printing them at the same time, within the scope of organized printing (batch printing) operations.

It is to combine the orders of many people in certain categories and produce them in bulk and at low cost.

Color Rules and Terms

A. Colors applied in printing must be CYMK. Studies prepared with RGM may have color changes because they are not CYMK. Therefore, the orderer is responsible for the choices made and the work prepared by the customer.

B. The responsibility for the colors of the selected working models or desired colors (including transitional colors) belongs to the customer.

C. The images used do not belong to woisco. Color problems of the images used in printing are not a problem.

D. Color must be suitable for CYMK and printing. RGB content will cause problems in printing.

RGB and CYMK Definition

What is RGB?

RGB is a color model that allows electronic devices such as monitors to create colors using light. is a device-dependent color model: different devices perceive or produce a given RGB value differently, because color elements (such as phosphors or dyes) and their response to individual R, G, and B levels vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, or even within the same device over time.

What is CYMK?

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key) (Turkish: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) is a subtractive color model used in printing.

An explanation of RGB and CYMK colors has been given above, and as stated in this explanation, it has been explained that cymk colors are used in printing products and that rbg is a digital media image. Therefore, the problems that may arise from colors such as rgb are explained in this section.

Since RGB and CYMK are included in the definition above, RGB contents are colored for the digital environment, not the Cymk printing house, and this may cause problems, and this is the responsibility of the customer who prepared the contents or was asked to prepare them.

Woisco is not a problem with color problems caused by RGB.

Print Formats and Compatibility

It is preferred for studies sent with CDR AND Ai file formats. Works sent with Ai are re-edited by Corel and taken to the printing process.

The content must be in formats suitable for printing.

All RGB content will be converted to CYMK.

PSD File format does not contain vector content. It is not suitable for printing.

Dimension Definition

It must comply with the dimensions according to the printing category and be suitable for use according to the maximum cutting limit.

Example: For business card;

External dimension: 86.75×54 – Internal dimension is 78.75×46.

Fonts used in studies must be over 6pt. Problems that may occur with fonts below 6pt do not belong to woisco.
Woisco is not a problem that may occur with thin fonts used in black and similar dark colors.
Fonts that are used too thin have the risk of appearing faded.
Fonts used in ready-made works must be converted (formatted) in such a way that there will be no problems with querying by Windows.
Since the fonts used in ready-made works are not formatted, in order to reformat the fonts, the fonts are downloaded to the Windows system and made operational. Therefore, due to the incompletely prepared work, printing service is applied from the ready-made work.
In sites such as Canva, fonts are prepared one by one, distorted and unformatted. For this reason, studies prepared from sites such as Canva are determined from a special study scope, not from a ready-made work scope.

The first preview of all these studies, prepared from Ready Models, edited and prepared in ready-made studies, and prepared in special studies, is sent. After the first preview process, all requested transactions are processed subject to order within the scope of the revision process.

In case of non-payment due to being subject to the order. A payment request is submitted in accordance with the distance sales contract.

Free design services are provided for ready-made models and ready-made works. Revision transactions are charged as a printing service definition.

Special Design service

1- Special design service varies depending on the desired work category.

2- The special design service prepared does not have a fixed fee, but is determined according to the desired work.

3- We have the right to choose in Special Works.

4- The customer who requests the work is responsible for similar or copying of other works without permission.

5- The customer is responsible if different designers are forced to copy similar works without permission.

We do not accept liability for unauthorized use of copied content.

There is a waste rate between 1% and 9% in Embossing/Lacquer processes.

Embossing/Lacquer work has been prepared on ready-made designs.

1- If the image is forgotten, the lacquer work will be damaged in printing.

2- If there are objects underneath, the work will be disrupted.

Get support from us for your embossing/lacquer work.

In quantity, embossing/lacquer, colours, cutting and similar cases, there is a waste rate between 1% and 9%.

Printing Times are Calculated in Business Days.

1- Not a day (working day)

2- (5 Days) of the Week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

3- Working days are the production process. It’s not shipping time.

4- For example, if an order is placed on Monday (if approved), the printing period (working day) starts on Tuesday.

5- Works in accordance with the regulations in the distance sales contract.

6- There is no change, cancellation or refund during the printing process.

7- In case of a faulty product being printed, the compensation process is started with the product production process again.

8- Although there may be a 5% delay in some cases, the period specified in the distance sales contract is 30 days.

You should definitely check for spelling errors. Ask him to edit the wrong areas and re-edit. Woisco is not responsible for spelling problems.

Checking for spelling errors does not belong to woisco.

Cancellation, Return and Warranty Conditions

Order cancellation and payment refund for your orders from are valid until the work goes to print. It is not possible to cancel the order or request a refund for products that have already been printed. In case of cancellation of your orders that have not yet been printed, your payment will be refunded by deducting the fees for the transactions made so far (proof printing, graphic editing, etc.). Anyone who shops from is deemed to have accepted these terms.

There is a company warranty against technical errors caused by the seller Woisco in the products produced. There may be a 20% color difference in the products produced. BUYER is deemed to have accepted this with this contract. The job is reprinted and sent to the customer. Returns other than our own errors will not be accepted. Woisco prints orders after they are approved by the customer. Works that do not have technical errors cannot be returned for other reasons. In case of possible printing or technical errors, the product is reprinted and delivered to the customer. Cancellations other than our own mistakes will not be accepted.



If you place an order electronically through the website you are using, you are deemed to have accepted the preliminary information form and distance sales contract presented to you.

Buyers are subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 and the Distance Contracts Regulation (OG: 27.11.2014/29188) and other applicable laws regarding the sale and delivery of the products they purchase.

Shipping costs, which are the cost of product shipment, will be paid by buyers.

Each purchased product is delivered to the person and/or organization at the address specified by the buyer, provided that it does not exceed the legal period of 30 days. If the product is not delivered within this period, Buyers may terminate the contract.

The purchased product must be delivered complete and in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order and with documents such as warranty certificate and user manual, if any.

If it becomes impossible to sell the purchased product, the seller must notify the buyer in writing within 3 days of learning about this situation. The total price must be returned to the Buyer within 14 days.

After the requested operations (revision), whether errors, software errors or similar situations occurred are also visually presented for review for editing. ‘Woisco’ Is Not Responsible For Errors And Spelling Mistakes After Approval.



If the Buyer does not pay for the product he purchased or cancels it in his bank records, the Seller’s obligation to deliver the product ends.


After the product is delivered, if it is determined that the credit card with which the buyer paid has been used unfairly by unauthorized persons and the price of the product sold is not paid to the Seller by the relevant bank or financial institution, the Buyer will return the product subject to the contract within 3 days, at the expense of the SELLER. must return it to the SELLER.


If force majeure occurs that the Seller cannot foresee and the product cannot be delivered on time, the situation is notified to the Buyer. The buyer may request cancellation of the order, replacement of the product with a similar one, or postponement of delivery until the obstacle is eliminated. If the buyer cancels the order; If the payment is made in cash, this fee will be paid in cash within 14 days from the date of cancellation. If the buyer has made the payment by credit card and cancels it, the product price will be returned to the bank within 14 days from this cancellation, but it is possible that the bank will transfer it to the buyer’s account within 2-3 weeks.


The buyer will inspect the goods/services subject to the contract before receiving them; dents, broken, packaging torn, etc. Damaged and defective goods/services will not be received from the cargo company. The goods/services received will be deemed to be undamaged and intact. BUYER must protect the goods/services carefully after delivery. If the right of withdrawal is to be used, the goods/services should not be used. The Invoice must be returned along with the product.


The invoice of the product delivered to the third party or the BUYER, (If the invoice of the product to be returned is corporate, it must be sent together with the return invoice issued by the institution when returning it. Order returns whose invoice is issued on behalf of institutions cannot be completed unless the RETURN INVOICE is issued.)

Return form: The products to be returned must be delivered complete and undamaged, along with their box, packaging and standard accessories, if any.


Underwear bottoms, swimsuits and bikini bottoms, make-up materials, disposable products prepared in line with the BUYER’s request or clearly personal needs and which cannot be sent back, products that are in danger of rapid deterioration or have an expiration date.

Printed products are shipped the same day they are printed. (Transaction is done via DHL, Ups and other shipping)

1- Shipping is done 6 days a week (except Sunday).

2- Cargo delivery time depends on cargo speed.

3- Shipping notification is made via Whatsapp or SMS.

The obligations listed above are valid for all purchases. Obligations apply under this contract.

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